Milega Serviços Têxteis, LDA, is specialized in 3 stages of the productive process of Textiles: Dyeing of yarn, Dyeing of fabric and Finishing of fabric. The main objective of the company lies in the full satisfaction of its customers, and for this, management is based on 3 pillars considered vital: the maximum quality of the final product, the fulfillment of the delivery deadlines and the close and excellent relationship with the client, ensuring thereby the long-term viability and sustainability of the company.

Focusing on these pillars, the course that Milega has developed over the years has been decisively marked by successive investments in the modernization of equipment, computerization / monitoring of the production process and improvements in the business layout. At the same time, conscious of the importance of preserving the environment, the company has made improvements in energy consumption and consumption of water resources, in addition to other improvements in our labor process. As a consequence of the mentioned factors, Milega has experienced an optimization of the production process, reducing production times and costs, thus becoming increasingly capable of facing and responding positively to any adversities that may arise.

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Milega Serviços Têxteis, has many years of experience in the Textile Industry and is a solid and tireless company in the full satisfaction of its customers. As such, we are a company of reference and trust both in the work we do as in the commitments we undertake. We execute and deliver a guaranteed product of quality, fulfilling the required delivery times and the conditions of manufacture stipulated and contracted.


Our mission is to add value to the market. We intend to be an increasingly flexible company with a superior adaptive power to successfully overcome all the challenges that the market presents us in the future. With a close relationship, we want customers to feel that their concerns are our concerns. We want to make customers loyal not only to our services, but also to people.


We intend to continue our journey so that we can increasingly affirm ourselves as a reference in our area of ​​activity. We aim to maintain and improve our service of excellence (quality of service + delivery deadlines + close relationship). Maintain the modernization of our production process and manufacturing conditions, aiming to provide new and better solutions for our customers.



We have a technologically advanced laboratory with qualified collaborators to give a quick response in the development of colors and processes.

It is also a laboratory prepared to perform all necessary quality control tests for Yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing and fabric finishing.


We dye a wide variety of Textile yarns and bet on a quality service and fast to respond to the demands of the customers.
For this, we have a winding sector in our facilities and we have a machine park composed by 11 autoclaves able to dye about 5,500 kg per day.
We have a kitchen with automatic dosing of chemicals and sodium to ensure better control and quality of production.









We dyed all kinds of natural fiber fabrics. We have a machine park that aim to meet the demands of the market.

Also here, we have a kitchen of automatic dosing of chemicals and sodium to ensure better control and quality of production.

Continuing our focus on innovation and differentiation, given the increasing use of synthetic fibers, we are also taking significant steps in the dyeing of this material.


We finish clothing fabrics with maximum width up to 2 meters. We have excellent manufacturing conditions, which allow us to work with several qualities of article: Flannel, Poplin with and without mercerization, Vaielas, among others. We are also able to carry out technical finishes such as Anti-fire, Anti-stain and Waterproof.
Without putting any of the previous articles in the background, we must highlight the experience gained over several years of finishing Flannel, which has been translated into a continuous improvement in the finishing of this article. Indirectly we finished Flannel for some international reference clients. We have an average finishing capacity of this article of approximately 500,000 meters per month.
We have a very complete and versatile machine park composed by: 1 Load Machine; 2 Drainers; 1 Mercerizadeira; 2 Washing Machines; 2 Ramulas; 2 Cardas; 1 Biancalani; 1 Sanford; 1 Calender; 4 Inspection Machines with built-in and automatic packaging; Automatic dosing kitchen for chemicals.


At Milega we have a clear focus on the quality and conformity of the products we produce. In this way we also highlight this component of our company which is a guarantee of our manufacture.

As such, all finished products are subject to a review to ensure their conformity. We also pay special attention to packing and shipping orders, ensuring that our customers receive a quality product.

Our commitment to our customers: maximum quality, delivery deadlines fulfilment, proximity and prompt response to market demands.



Consistent international certification system for raw materials, intermediate and final products in the textile sector at all stages of processing with the aim of creating products which are free of substances harmful to human health.


Consistent international certification system for raw materials, intermediate and final products in the textile sector at all stages of processing with the aim of creating products which are free of substances harmful to human health.

GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard

From the origin of the raw materials to the socially responsible manufacture, textiles certified by GOTS provide a guarantee of confidence for the consumer.

OCS – Organic Content Standard

It is applied to any non-food product containing 5% to 100% organic material and tracks the flow of the raw material from its origin to the final product.

Recycled Claim Standard

Standard claim that tracks recycled raw materials through the supply chain to give credibility to recycled content claims on products.

Global Recycled Standard

The standard applies to the full supply chain and addresses traceability, environmental principles, social requirements (…) commitment with a circular economy that reduces waste by using it to make new products.


Ecolub aims to comply with the existing obligations about the management of used lubricants, following the fulfillment of legal and environmental obligations.


Regulation adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment against the chemicals dangers.

Social Responsability

Aware of the importance and impact that our activity has on society in general, we have good environmental, social and economic practices as an important part of our sustainability strategy.


Milega is aware that it is imperative to contribute to a better environment. Therefore, it is seriously committed to the mission of reducing the negative impact that its operational activity may have on it. In order to achieve this important objective, its management model is based on the following practices:
Reduce the production of waste, , recycle, separate and ensure that it is sent to the authorized and suitable destination. For example, MILEGA waste water is linked to TRATAVE – a specialized company in wastewater treatment and responsible for the depollution of Vale do Ave.
Reduce atmospheric emissions and wastewater discharges.
Control strictly the consumption of all resources used in our production process, from energy resources to raw materials.
Awareness: To make employees aware of the negative impacts that their working methods may have on the environment, sensitizing them to always take the best solutions.
Conduct frequent environmental audits (energy, air emissions and waste).
Commitment to comply with all applicable regulatory and legal requirements.



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